The Learning Consultants provides expert teaching and tutoring in all subjects.  We are the fastest growing education consultancy in Connecticut due to our growing reputation.

We tutor hundreds of East Lyme, CT students in SAT-ACT (and all test prep) and similarly we tutor hundreds of East Lyme, CT students in all subject areas.
As we have noticed that many students from East Lyme, CT desire math tutoring, we have placed considerable focus on finding top notch math tutors in the East Lyme-Niantic, CT area.

You can also contact us at (860) 510-0410.

CEO Daryl Capuano was recently featured on NBC News

How Can The Learning Consultants Help?

We empower students to reach their fullest potential.

The Learning Consultants is a full service academic consultancy with over 25 teachers and educational advisors.

More specifically, we create and deliver high quality educational programs that empower our students to excel in all academic areas — and in life.

Our specialized programs include:

Test Preparation
: The SAT Mastery Program as well as test prep in the ACT, AP Exams, CMTs, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT MCAT and other tests of consequence.

Subject Based Tutoring:  
We tutor/coach students in all subjects, either in the context of the Student Mastery Program or simply for subjects in which they’re struggling or want to improve. The results: our students learn what that have not mastered in their regular classrooms, they earn higher grades and gain confident about their ability to perform in school.

School Performance:
 The Student Mastery Program provides a holistic framework to help students perform better in school. The results: our students earn higher grades, feel better about themselves, and position themselves for brighter futures.

Mastery Counseling Programs: 
 We have created advisory services to help families navigate the complicated world of education. These services range from Student-Athlete Mastery to International Student Mastery to College Major/Career Mastery.

Educational Advisory Services:  
We provide expert counsel on the variety of educational issues that families face throughout the educational process.

The Learning Consultants' work is unique for several reasons:

1) We transform the emotional connection students have with their schoolwork and with standardized tests. Essentially, we shift their psychological energy to help make them care about doing well.

2) We have created intellectual property-related to best practices in the areas we teach. After years of working with thousands of students, we have a genuine understanding of students and what makes them succeed.

We have observed that most academic coaching programs are not based on an understanding of how students actually think because the people who design the programs don’t work directly with students. We do, and you and your students will notice the difference immediately.

3) We have superior teaching ability in these areas. We only hire the best of the best, and develop them to be even better.

4) We custom-tailor our approach to each individual family. Other franchises fall short because they have a cookie-cutter approach to helping families. We know each one of our clients is unique. We create programs for YOU, not for a generic “student.”

5) Our “Mastery” philosophy goes beyond helping our students succeed in school, giving them them the understanding and the tools to help them succeed in life.

Most of our programs are based on the philosophy of Mastery. We believe that mastery is the key to success and long-term fulfillment. Our approach involves a combination of creating an emotional connection for our students to their work and then imparting the best practices for succeeding in their academic work.

As we establish that foundation, we coach students to ensure that they perform at the highest levels by applying the strategies we have taught.

The Learning Consultants have two full offices: one in Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 
and another in Wall Street, Madison, CT.

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